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FINALLYBRA Brings A Holistic Approach To Beautiful Bras In Every Size

Note: FINALLYBRA (formally branded as ORLINAS before 2018)

Women entrepreneurs revolutionize the bra business with a new approach to comfort, beauty and good health.  Orlinas based in Rockville, Maryland redefines what it means for a bra to push up while pushing in.

ROCKVILLE, MD (April 24, 2014) - Bringing a whole new meaning to the word “wireless” a company founded by women entrepreneurs in Rockville, Maryland ups the ante on a well-made bra.  Banishing the unsightly bother of armpit and back fat Orlinas brings bras to the marketplace that push up while pushing in, wirelessly.  Finally making available a bra that pulls double duty, Orlina’s “push in” bra prevents breasts from spreading horizontally while its push up design smooths the bulges and well...boosts the best parts.  Easily described as an every women’s approach to a great push up bra the undergarment designed for women of all sizes marries good health to beauty and changes how a lady looks in her clothes. 

Liz Irving, co-founder of Orlinas said of the company’s well-designed posture bra, “You can ask just about any woman about their bras and they’ll say that they either need more lift, cause spillage otherwise known as armpit fat, or have an underwire that causes them concern.  It’s a common worry among women.  With our own needs in mind we designed the Orlinas line of bras.  They solve all the issues beautifully.” 

Bringing sex appeal to bras that actually do their job Orlinas has multiple designs to choose from.  The posture support push up bra line makes an extremely sexy approach as it incorporates low plunging cleavage and lace bra cups in black, blushing pink and cream.  Enhancing the curve of a woman’s body while creating “reasonable cleavage” Orlinas offers back and side support bras that feature a wide back wing to smooth out back fat bulges and provide posture support. Shaping body fats from sizes 32A to 40DDD the push in, push up bras are meant for every woman with her eye on a holistic approach to a shapely figure. 

About Orlinas (now FINALLYBRA):

Orlinas is based in Rockville, Maryland and was founded by a group of women entrepreneurs in 2011 who wanted to revolutionize bras with a holistic design.  Keeping a women’s basic needs and health in mind the company focused their energy on marrying beauty with high-functionality to produce female undergarments.