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Your Properly Fitted Bra Is Painful?

If your properly fitted bra causes pain when you first wear it, perhaps you’re just having a break in period for the new bra.

Did you use a looser band before the new bra?  It’s just like adjusting to a new pair of shoes:  you feel the tightness because the old shoes had loosened. If your bra is painful, you can try to adjust your bra every several hours.  But if you continue to feel the pain, it’s a different story.

Maybe the “properly fitted bra” isn’t really a proper fit. Have yourself resized again to find the correct size.  Sometimes even if you have measured your size again and again, you still can’t get a rightly fitting bra.  In this case, you need to rely on the signs of a poorly fitting undergarment.  Below are some common signs to see if you notice any of these being the case with your new bra.

1.  Your shoulders have grooves and marks because the bra straps are digging into them.

The support provided by the bra to your breasts should come from the band instead of the straps. When straps dig in to your shoulders, it is an indication that you are placing too much weight to the straps and this can result in your discomfort, pain, slouching and marks that most often become permanent. You need to go down band size until it becomes firm and supportive and your two fingers can fit under it.

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2.  The bra wires are sitting on breast tissue.

Your breasts should entirely be encased in the wires on all sides. If the wires sit on the breast tissue, there could be issues of too much need for readjusting, shifting an ill fitting look, uneven redistribution of breast weight, pain, and other problems. To solve this problem, you need to go up a cup size, or as many cup sizes as necessary.

3.  The bra center gore isn’t touching your sternum, or it isn’t firm against your sternum.

This is a sign that your bra cups are too small.  The best solution to this is to go up in your cup size (down in back or band size), until you have the center gore completely sitting against your sternum.  This also makes sure that no wires will be sitting on your breast tissue.

4.  The bra band is either sitting too low or riding up in the back.

This is the most common sign of an ill fitting bra – too small cups and too big band.  This tells that the breasts are not given the proper support by the bra, which functions more sling-like rather than support-provider. Your new bra band should sit straight and firm across your back, and you should clasp it on the loosest hook. You need to get a smaller back size (and higher cup size), until the band across your back is firm and flat.

5.  Your breasts are over flowing out of the cups, resulting in “quadra boobs” or “four boobs” look.

This is a sign that the bra cups are too small for your boobs, or the wires are sitting on your breast tissue.  The bra should not be creating a bulging effect, but a smooth line.  You need to increase your cup size until the bulging is gone.


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