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Women Should Determine Their Actual Bra Sizes and Fit, Not Anyone from a Bra Specialty Store

The most common complaints we often hear from our customers about bras is about size and fitting.  A customer even said that if only she could go braless without her boobs getting the pains from too much wobbling, she would prefer to not wear one. Some women who have hefty boobs find that the weight that they carry at the front causes the band of the bra to stretch out and ride up their backs.  Others find it uncomfortable to find that their breasts are showing at the bra bottoms, and still others complain that it is really difficult to find a right fitting bra.

These issues are all caused by wrong size bras.  And may I point out that there are also health problems associated with wearing a bra that does not fit your body?  Included here are shoulder and back pains, neck pains, and posture problems.  They can actually change the shape of your breasts, and also cause premature sagging.  It is not a good news for us women, especially if we consider that a majority of bra wearing females (is it 80%?, or more?)  are wearing bras that have the wrong size.  Have you ever wondered why?

Bra Size Measurement | FinallyBra

Women who are not comfortable with their current bras often follow the advice they receive from a bra specialty store.  The store’s sales recommend their brands and size they believe fits the customers. Then customers buy the bras, wear them, and find themselves suffering from the same problems after several weeks of wearing.  There is a simple reason for this: measurements done at the stores and boutiques do not give the real accurate results.  If you are a 32F, you try a 32F bra and it may not fit you.  One other thing, if you are a 32F, the sales at the store may think that your size is not normal and hand you a bra size they have in stock and make you believe that the size is for you.  Is it because they know better?

No!  As we have mentioned at the top, the measurements are not always accurate. So you should find a way to get an exactly fitting bra. First find the right band size.  Try on several bras until you got the band right.  Secondly find the right cup size.  The key here is to try different styles. Like women, bras are created differently.  You should decide if you are comfortable with the band and the cups.  You can adjust a cup size up or down until you can move around, raise your arms and be active without your breasts showing at the top or at the bottom of the cups.

We would like to suggest to specialty bra stores to always consider women’s bodies when suggesting a size to them.  For you, women out there, it is your comfort that should come first when choosing a bra, not what the fitting counselor of a store says. For how to DYI to get your correct bra size, please refer to FinallyBra's size guidance here.

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