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Why Women Runners Still Have Breast Pains Even If They Wear Sports Bras

It seems that the breasts and the bras are becoming a hot subject for researches these days.  This year a French professor created a media hullabaloo by affirming the barmy bra idea (of bras being false necessities, not needed and do not benefit the breasts).  Recently, a new research confirmed that one out of three women runners do experience breast pains even though they wear sports bras. So it was concluded that the sports bras are not very helpful to the female runners.

By definition, a sports bra is an undergarment that is designed to support the bust line and to use for any kind of activity.  Sports bra emphasizes more on functionality and its fabric is different from a regular bra. There are all sorts of sports bras that you can choose from.  For example, bras that you can pull over your head, adjust in the straps, adjust in the back, have seamless cups or even have an under wire.

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So if a sports bra is designed to control the breasts while a woman is in motion, why do some women still feel breast pains when they run?  The answer might be simple: fitting.  When you run, you wear the fitted running shoes, right?  Finding the right sports bra is just as important, otherwise you’ll find yourself ending up with one that get used only once and then shoved at the back of your drawer due to the discomfort and pain. Right fitting can prevent physical problems not only while running but also when doing daily activities, e.g., sore breasts, chafing, pain in the neck/shoulder area, and sagging, etc.

Here are some tips for you to avoid the pain while running with a sports bra:

The Right Size

Have yourself measured to know your size. One big problem of poor fitting bras is wearing the wrong size. But the size is just a starting point and you need to tweak the sizes according to each different style and brand. 

The Right Style

The right style of a sports bra is dependent upon your body structure, personal preferences, and your chosen activity.  Consider how much vertical movement is involved in your activity.  Running has lots of vertical movements. If you run a lot, find the right style for running.  Also decide on what is more important to you – is it the wicking capability or no-bounce support?  The solution, sometimes, is having a different style of sports bra for different activities. 

Another factor to consider is the life of the sports bra.  Perhaps the reason why you suffer from pain while running is that your sports bra is a dead bra.  A bra becomes dead when the fabric has lost its functionality and the fit has changed.  This means that you need to shop for a new one.

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