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Why Bra Sizes Are So Confusing and How Should You Deal With It


The Internet is where most women go to find anything that they need or want to know,  as in how to get an accurate bra measurement.  If you are one of these women, you will most likely go online and search for websites that offer guides on bra fitting.  The guides that you find will tell you to measure your under bust, and so on and so forth, up to the point that you’ve gotten your cup size.  However, when you go to the store to pick up your chosen bra,  you become a bit frustrated because it does not have the proper fit.

Many women get confused with regards to their bra size. How about you?  Do you understand your bra size?  The first step in finding bras that will fit you and flatter your silhouette is to understand what bra sizes mean and how they relate to fit.  Should you really care about this?  Of course you should, because when your bra has a proper fitting, you will feel adequately supported and you look better in whatever clothes you wear. When you wear a bra that is not suited to the shape of your body, you may look like you’ve gained weight and suffer from premature sagging and backaches.

So now we know that bra fitting is not as simple as knowing your band size, which is represented by a number, and your cup size which consists of a letter or letters.  Size isn’t anything but a number.  As already mentioned, getting your size is just the first step to getting a well fitting bra.  Don’t be like most women who buy the same size bra year after year, until they find themselves owning many bras that do not fit.

Your bras, actually, should be of different sizes, but all fit.  It’s because more important than the number you see on the tag is the fit.  Sizes vary according to style and brand.  The key to a well fitting bra is trying them on.  If you try the bras before purchasing them, you’ll find it easier to realize if the bra fits well.  You’ll feel it and you’ll see that it flatters the shape of your body.  Try on a bra with size in the measurement that you know, then try on one that is closest to how you measure, and you can try on some more, until you find the perfectly fitting bra.

To assess the fit to you, look at yourself in the mirror while you are trying the bra on.  Look at yourself in 2 positions – standing and sitting.  I said sitting because when we are seated, the rib cages expand, so the bra may feel different. It will also be a good idea if you try the bras on with some of your tops.  This is easy to do if you are trying at home after you’ve received the bras that you ordered online.  If you are out to a department store or mall, wear a button down top over a form fitting t-shirt  and try on the bra with each separate top.

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