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When You Take a Day Off From a Lifting Bra

Olivia Palermo, “The City” star, has always been known for being so prim and proper and fabulously dressed.   However she surprised Manhattan, NY when she went out for a walk with her boyfriend, Johannes Huebl and her dog, Mr. Butler, one Sunday with a different new look.  Olivia Palermo wore ripped jeans with a grey and thin top.  She wore no makeup under her black shades, and the most noticeable was her being braless.

The bra is one crucial accessory that Olivia Palermo shouldn't have forgotten to wear in that walk.  The City star may not have much to show:  she’s petite, and the grey top showed that her breasts are a bit saggy.  Why she chose to go out without the proper support and with her headlights on is one thing I couldn’t understand.  She doesn’t look good on that part of her body, though she’s got a very beautiful face.

Being always ahead in fashion, Olivia Palermo does not need someone telling her what she should wear and what she should not, especially if that was the first time that Olivia showed herself to public in that attire. I just want to emphasize here the importance of wearing a bra, and what this little undergarment can do to a woman.  The bra is worn for a number of benefits it gives to the wearer, in this case, Olivia Palermo.

A bra especially a push up bra can hold Olivia’s breasts up, so they will appear higher and fuller under her chosen top.  Many types of bras can push the breasts higher and press them closer together so that a curvy, nice, and a more feminine look is created and prove to be advantageous to low cut necklines. On the photo, The City star’s nipples are showing through her grey sweatshirt.  Had she worn a bra, particularly the padded one, her nips will be prevented from showing through, even if they harden for any reason during the course of the day.  A padded bra could have saved Olivia from embarrassment (although she did not seem to mind the situation), and the people around her from distraction.

We are certain that Olivia Palermo always wear a bra except for that day when she was caught walking the streets of New York without it.  Her breasts are not large, and a bra (push up bra etc.) can make them appear fuller and larger.

Bra plays many roles in every woman’s life.  So, ladies, whether or not you are blessed with the perkiest part, learn from this mistake by Olivia – keep your boobs covered, protected and supported by a rightly fitting bra.

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