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What Is the Most Comfortable Bra Type

In her email to our support team, Dianne of Michigan wrote: I am in high school and my mom says that I should wear a bra.  Since I am a new wearer, I am very particular about comfort.  What do you suggest as the most comfortable bra types for me?

We haven't talked a lot about bra fitting for teenagers, so it makes sense that we do a special post for this. 

At young age, girls may not need under wired bras, although they have padding usually that can make A and AA boobs look fuller.  For a first buyer, it is advisable to try on a variety of models and styles first so that you see what fits you and what makes you feel comfortable even if you bend or move around actively.

Comfortable Bra | FinallyBra

Technically any type of bras can be comfortable because bras are designed for function, comfort and fashion.  The key factor is the bra's fit, which means that you can pick the style per your personal preference but choose only the ones that suit your body the best.  The definition of a comfortable bra is one that looks great under a fitted top and that the wearer can barely feel that she is wearing one. 

FINALLYBRA aims to design various types of bras that are made for women who are looking for comfort.  Here are some of the comfortable bras that you might want to buy.

Push up bra – has a design that is so sensual, creating a slim appearance under a snug-fitting top or dress.  Push up bra does not display bulges or lines that make you appear unsightly and feel uncomfortable.

Full coverage bra – All day support and ideal coverage is provided by this type of bra to all bra size women.  It has lightweight, molded foams that keep the cups shapely and smooth.  Helping the cups in providing comfort are the cushioned straps that stay secure and comfortable during your entire day.

Sports bra – has no underwire but it does a good job of flattering and supporting your breasts. The straps do not dig into your shoulders and never roll into the sides.  The racer back style suits very active women.  It is usually worn by them to the office and then to the fitness club, or up to the running trail. Support and shape are provided by the cups so you will feel comfortable especially so when there’s no underwire that will poke your skin.

Since you can find comfort in any bra styles provided they are fitted to your body.  We suggest that all bra new wearers to get fitted. Please refer to FinallyBra's Fitting Guidance for more information.

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