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What Is Side Support Bra For?

Bras come in different styles and sizes. Distinguishing them should be based on various factors such as structure and design.  

The function of the bra should also be an important factor. There are some special functional bra styles that can compliment your body needs like back support bras, lifting bras, sports bras, nursing bras, and so on.  There is a new functional bra style called side support bra that performs a function most women need but don't know.

A side support bra prevents the breasts to “spill over” to the body sides. It is constructed in such a way as to have large panels on the bra sides.  These panels push in the sides of your breasts, so they will not block the movements of the arms. This design of the side support bras will prevent the breasts from forming a bulge over the cup sides, especially when the side support bra cups are too small for your breasts. The bra can also create a better cleavage as it pushes your breasts inward.

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Side support bras can be in different forms, cut, materials and purposes. Some women prefer their side support bras furnished with underwires that give the cups round form, and provide a more youthful appearance to the breasts. The others do not want the underwire, but rather prefer to have a pre-formed seamed cups which provide the similar effects as the underwired side support bras. Brands produce various kinds and styles of side support bras with different price levels. 

Women differ in physical characteristics and build, so it can be hard to find a side support bra for every woman. One side support bra could be underwired to retain the form better, the other could have floral embroidery to make it more feminine.  But the bottom line is the side support bra reinforces sides for shape and uplift and can be worn with thin clothing and yet not become obvious.

Choosing the bra fabric is important too. Cotton is comfortable, soft and it breathes.  Cotton bras can be machine washed and tend to last longer than the fancier ones. And don't forget the fitting, which ensures accurate support for the breasts sideways.  In the long term, the fitting will become more important as the extended fronts will not sag for lack of support from the side support bras.

Lastly, make sure that you wear your bra properly.  The band should not be riding up in the back, there is no spillage out of the side cups and the wire should lay flat on the skin, not in any way poking, prodding or pushing against it.

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