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Wearing a Sports Bra Alone When Running Okay?

A sports bra is a type of bra that provides control and support to the breasts when you work out.  During running, jogging, brisk walking, a sports bra minimizes bounces so that discomforts and breast pains are prevented. Most of all, this type of bras contributes in delaying the sagging process. Sports bras have varying levels of control that are suited to the kind of physical activity: light control for brisk walks; medium control for jogging; and for more vigorous workouts like horseback riding and running, there are high control sports bras. 

However, there are discussions as to whether or not wearing the sports bra alone when running is appropriate.  There are women who are not in favor of it.  They are just not into showing more skin and believe that sports bras are still bras, and should be worn with something over them.

There is no issue when it comes to men running shirtless.  They can do it and their purpose is to get the breeze.  Unfortunately, women do not have such option and have to wear the sports bras when working out.

Women who agree that you can wear the sports bra without a top give different reasons. For some, it is okay as long as the body is fit, the breasts are not too large, and the midriff is not bulging. Others say that you can do away with only the sports bras if you run on a beach as the temperature there is so hot and most of the people there are only in their sports bras. If you intend to go to a gym, you must know first if you will be allowed inside with only a sports bra and shorts or jogging pants.  Some gyms require that you wear a t-shirt on top, especially if you have pierced belly button.

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Most parents are agreeable to their daughters’ wearing sports bras sans the top when training and, if allowed, in races.  In schools, they are required to wear a shirt over it, to prevent the unnecessary attention and remarks from the boys.  Some say that younger girls can feel the heat and sweat faster than the adults, but others just naturally get hot. So, to wear or not to wear a shirt over a sport bra depends mostly on the wearer’s comfort.

Sports bras come in different styles, so you can choose the style that is suited for wearing alone. Some are designed especially to wear without a top over them, such as those that are colored, instead of white, and those that provide full coverage.  Rule of thumb,  it is OK to wear a sports bra alone as long as the sports bra provides needed support and does not invite second looks and comments by other people.

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  • I don’t agree that women are allowed to wear a sports bra as a shirt. It’s a BRA wear it under a shirt. I don’t appreciate how the world is ok with revealing your body. Keep it at home away from the public!

    Nana yuhbuis

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