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Wear a Back Posture Support Bra Under Your Suit Dress

A suit dress is a woman’s costume ensemble which consists of a dress and a matching jacket or coat.  It can also be a pair of top and pants or skirt, also with an overcoat.  A suit dress looks formal and professional and sometimes is required for job, interview, or church mass.  A suit dress is also perfect to minimize curve and camouflage figure imperfections.

Back Posture Support Bra | FinallyBra

An undergarment that can help busty women match their suit dresses is the back support bra or posture support bra.  And many women wear them everyday and all day for support and comfort, also for looks.  Today's posture support bras are both functional and fashionable, hence they best match the woman’s suit dress. However, as in regular bras, back support bras come in different sizes and models, so right fitting is extremely important.

In the morning as you are preparing for a business event, you recall that the invitation calls for “standard business attire”.  So you took out your suit dress from your closet, because you want to convey that you mean business, or that you are the one in charge, or in control (even if that is not true). When it comes to choosing the right bra to match your dress suit, your choice can mean the difference between a good business event or a bad one.

Good fitting posture support bras offer the comfort and the support, not the annoying discomfort that resulted from a bra that does not fit.  If your breasts are really large, and you do not have the proper support, you may experience serious back pains and bad posture.  Your back needs extra support also to help reinforce your posture that has suffered as a result of years of not wearing the right bra. This all means that you will have less or no more pains and a pleasant business event.

If you are going for a job interview, it will be best if you wear a business suit dress. Whether it is a pant suit or a skirt suit does not matter, as long as you look professional.  Showing yourself to the interviewer in a t-shirt and jeans is not proper, as you will not be projecting a good image. If suit dresses pass as women’s work clothes in the office, they should be also worn when applying for a job, the interview included. Most importantly, wear a nice back posture support bra like FinallyBra to demonstrate the best posture and show off your confidence.

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