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Unhooking a Bra

Bra unhooking skills have been desired by men ever since the bra has been invented.  Knights or nerds, they both attempted to excel on it, but they continue to miserably fail. Any confident man can turn into a Jello when trying to do the task.  Ladies may admit it, or deny, but most have been in a situation where their men find it very difficult to unfasten their bras, so that most of the time, it is the ladies who are doing the unclasping.

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This is the reason why Service Plan, a  German creative agency,  got inspired to produce a clever and quirky “bra-lendar” to its client, the FHM, a men’s magazine.  This bra calendar is intended for those types of guys needing some extra help in unhooking a bra, by practicing repeatedly every day.  What is featured on the FHM calendar are 3 bra closures, all stretched out and arranged one above the other,  which needs to be undone and redone by the guy in order to change the date, day of the week, and month.  This practice can make even the clumsiest guy an expert in just a few months.

The bra calendar was in limited quantity and given only to selected customers of the magazine. It became popular in blogs, press, the social networking websites, and in the homes of FHM subscribers.

Guys are having a hard time in unclasping a bra because of some issues.  The bras seem to be similar in appearance, but they are not exactly the same, never.  That is one issue, and the other issue is an obvious one.  It is not easy to transition from step 1 to step 2 of love making if a guy is bodily wrestling with her undergarment.  The only real and romantic way of unhooking a bra is by using only one hand.  Man can use the other hand to touch her hair, softly running his fingers through it, or gently caressing her face. Through these actions, you can make her feel that she is very much appreciated.

Using one hand gives men the benefit of buying more time.  While he is fumbling with the hooks of the bra,  the other hand can continue caressing his girl.  Unhooking a bra proficiently will take practice, and practice makes perfect, remember?  The one hand technique of releasing the bra hook may be used for both the back and front closures. Men have to clench gently the material surrounding both sides of the closure.  Squeezing them together will release the hooks.  Actually there are various directions the clasps can go, so it will be better to try all options and be patient.

If no clasp at the back or front of the bra,  then the guy is dealing with a sports bra.  Lucky guy!  Know why?  Because he only needs to pull the bra off just like pulling off a t-shirt!

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