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The Benefits of Padded Bras

Padded bras are the type of bras with cups containing padding.  The padding can be permanently sewn into the bra.  Or the pads can be removable when the bra has open pockets sew into the bra so that you have the flexibility of having them or taking them off for different wardrobe choices. The padding material may be synthetic, gel, water, or foam.  Padded bras can be found in almost all push up bras, but they are available also in other styles.

There are many reasons why a woman should wear a padded bra. The biggest benefit is to enhance the bust line. With the right shape of the bra coupled with padding inserts, a padded bra can make your busts look fuller or larger by adding up a cup size or more. Yes, you can go up the cup size that you never expected you could. Padded bras also have the ability to create cleavage that can look fantastic with your low cut tops or shirts.

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Padded bras can protect you from unfortunate incidents where you might potentially suffer embarrassments with a show through of your nipples.  When you wear unpadded bras either at work or events and feel cold, chances are that your nips will show through your top. The good thing of padded bras is that they cover your nipples sufficiently even if they become erect due to cold weather.  

Padded bras are more comfortable than the thin ones, especially if your breast tissues are particularly sensitive and easy to get hurt.  Only bras that have padding can provide the relief for your breasts. This type of bras are suitable not just for petite or small breasted women, big breasted or curvy women can also benefit from having a perkier and more rounded-shape boobs.  In the support department, padded bras can provide greater uplift and support.

There are a lot of different styles and types of padded bras, and all of them offer to boost sizes – some you can wear everyday for any type of outfit, and others for tops requiring a bit of cleavage and push up. The cups can be fully padded or have only a small amount of padding. The padding can be water, air, gel, thick foam or water pockets. To find the padded bra that best fits you, the best thing to do is trying them on.  You can certainly find what style works best for your body.

When you try a padded bra on, you can put a shirt on top of it so you can see if the bra creates a natural-looking figure.  Women sometimes struggle to find a padded bra that fits perfectly because the padding at the bra cup bottom usually alter the style and size. As a result, you could be a different size for a padded bra than a regular one, so make sure that all rules of fitting are followed.


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