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Signs That You Need a New Bra

Most women are not aware of when they need new bras.  Are you one of them? Here is our tip:  stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself.  You are beautiful and your body is in great shape, but when you look at your breasts you realize that the bra does not do your look any good. Of course you can adjust the straps, also the clasp at the back, but if the issue is not resolved, it is very likely that you need a new bra with the right fit.

Before you purchase a right fitting bra, there are signs that tell you that your bra is not functioning as it should.  It does not give the lift you desire anymore, not to say the much needed support.  See if you have been experiencing the following issues.

  • The bra does not feel right: it’s uncomfortable.
  • There are bra line bulges at your back.
  • The bra needs to be constantly tugged and pulled at  to stay in place.
  • The bra band rides too high up at your back, and;
  • You've been using the bra for more than a year (the bra elastics stretch over time).

So now you know whether you need purchase new bras.  Or,  maybe not.  It is not only uncomfortable to wear ill-fitting bras,  but wearing them can also do damage to your breast tissue.  A bra that does not fit will not be able to support your boobs properly, so what you get are back pain.  This is especially true if you are a large-busted girl.  You will also have strap indentations on your shoulder, and experiencing this pressure constantly can result in migraines. Proper support for the boobs is important so that the ligaments inside your breasts do not get ripped.  Once they stretch out, you can never get them back to normal.

bra fitting | FinallyBra

While you are in the store to buy your new bra(s), take advantage of the complimentary fitting.  Most stores offer this service to women who do not know their actual bra sizes. If the fitter says that you are smaller or bigger than what you believe you are, do try on the recommended size, compare the differences and make sure that the size works for you.  You should do this before you make the decision to buy.  You’ll be amazed at how bras differ in look and feel from one style to another.  As you are trying the bras on, always remember that it should not be uncomfortable nor painful to wear.  If you feel even a slight niggling, put it down before you reach the cashier.

Our one final say:  splurge.  Don’t hesitate to spend extra on your bra that has quality.   It is better than picking up several pieces of cheap products that will not serve to support, nor flatter your silhouette. 

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