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Side Support Bra for Added Lift

If you notice that your bra’s fabric is digging into your sides, this is a sign of a poorly constructed and ill fitting bra. It is more than likely that your bra’s band is too small. For a better fit, you will have to go down a cup size and a bigger band size. Back fat is actually a sign of a sturdy bra with good support, and to minimize this problem you will have to find a looser bra. Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly the cutest look for putting your best foot forward at job interviews or a first date. Bras with wider back bands can easily resolve this problem.

Side support panels are perfect for achieving a smooth look that prevents the bust from spreading out horizontally. You also will not have to worry about underarm fat as the side support panels push the bulge into the cups. Cups that fit properly rest on the flesh just under your arms, not on the breast tissue itself. As you stand in the mirror, no gaps or lumps should be visible. The band should be snug around your torso and not ride up to the shoulders. If this is the case the bra does not provide support and you run the risk of shoulder and back pain because of the unevenly distributed weight. No matter what your size is, a bad bra can give you a saggy, bulky, or pointy look. With side support bras, you won’t have to worry about uncomfortable jiggle as you run after the bus or chase after the dog. If you have excess skin or fat hanging around your underarms due to weight loss or gain, side support panels can use this to create round and luscious curves.

Finding a good bra that smoothens out the bulges does not have to be all about function, there are flirty and fabulous designs available as well. Some bras seem like they are reliable at the first fitting, but in a short time the underwire sticks out and the band has stretched after you only washed it once. No matter how well constructed the bra, not all manufacturers and brands create bras for the different variations in body type.

FinallyBra offers bras that flatter all figures. The bras strive to smoothen flawlessly, as well as centering and separating the bust, making sure no extra skin hangs or slips out the bands and sides, and the wide cushiony straps will not dig into your skin. Most underwired bras offer lightly padded cups and you have the option to add your own pads for extra lift. Although the bras provide strong control, your breasts will not be smashed together giving the appearance of having one breast. Aside from great support, some styles of bras have a layer of magnetic fabric that promotes microcirculation. 

Side Support Bra for Armpit Fat | FinallyBra

Finding the right side support bra can have many benefits for your health and confidence. Wear your favorite outfits at ease or try on that daring blouse with the plunging neckline knowing that everything is going to be held in place. Instead of hiding your features, the right bra can enhance them in a feminine way.


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