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Should You Walk Around the House Without Bra Even Your Dad Can Notice?

Are you single and living with your dad, or you’ve got your own family and he happened to drop by unannounced?  Well, whatever, I will say that you should always wear a bra even if you are only at home, especially, if you are busty.  Besides having so much discomfort and pain with your girls jiggling as you move, nobody would want to see them swing around, and your dad is not exempted. 

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However, wearing a bra at home and in the presence of family may depend on how big your breasts are and the type of clothing that you wear around the house.  Are your clothes very loose?  Or, are they snug fitting?  Are they made of thin or clinging fabric that tends to reveal your shape?  If you are busty, it is better to always wear a bra, even when sleeping.  Otherwise you might feel uncomfortable due to the twin’s movements.  You can find lots of “sleep bras” ideal for lounging around at home or when you need to buy something at a nearby store. 

It is really advisable to wear a bra at all times no matter what your breast size is, especially when friends come unannounced.  Although you can always tell your son(s) or husband to call first before they come home with friends, there are others who will just knock at your door and, if you are braless, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to wear a bra and look decent.

If you are braless in front of your father, he sure will notice it.  Any guy will notice that you have nothing under your shirt, and it can make you and them uncomfortable. It’s really not okay to reveal your breasts to anyone, so make sure that you are always covered.

Besides the modesty reasons of always wearing a bra, there are also medical reasons. For example, if you just had your baby and are breastfeeding him or her, you should always wear a nursing bra.  The reason is that your breasts become full of milk and are heavier than before.  A nursing bra will give more support to your boobs and can make the task of breastfeeding convenient. Then there is the sagging issue.  You know that ,when you age, your breasts age with you. So wearing a bra can help your breasts retain their youthful shape that you loved during your younger years.

Another medical reason is that, with proper blood circulation in your breasts, you will not get sweaty as when the girls rub with your skin.  So whatever you do, wear a bra, for so many varied reasons.

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