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Should Mom Go Bra Shopping With You For Your First Bra

Are you beginning to feel selfconscious because your breasts start to develop?  Then probably you need to wear to your first bra.  There are two things about getting a first bra.  One, it can be an exciting event for you and you are looking forward to it.  Two, you might be dreading the moment, because you begin to realize that things are beginning to change, and you are beginning to change.  Your breasts start to develop and you don’t know what to do – cover them up, flatten them, or camouflage your body by putting on lots of tops.

Whatever you feel about getting your first bra, you should understand that in our lives, everyone is different.  So don’t ever think that you are unusual or weird.  Girls have differences in many things, but their feelings may be the same as you.  Whatever your outlook may be about your first bra, the fact is that you will need to buy one soon.

Whether you are dreading this event of buying your first bra, or you are excited, this should be shared with a person that you trust.  Your mom should be  the number one on the list.  Perhaps you are just waiting for her to mention it to you, but if she has not, you can ask her.  Maybe she still sees you as her baby girl, and bringing up the subject of your first bra seems uncomfortable for her.  One thing is sure, though,  she will be just as excited as you.  She will begin to realize that you are mature enough to mention to her that you have already needed a bra.

Mom might even insist that she choose the style and brand for you.  In case that you have a different style in mind, there should be no issues between the two of you.  You can try on both – the  style that she suggests, and the style that you want – and you and your mom can both assess your look while the bra is on.  You can discuss with her some things that you notice while trying on your first bra.  For example, if the bra straps hurt you,  or your breasts feel itchy.  Or, if you are not able to close the bra you’re trying on  the last hook, because this apparel can stretch over time, both due to washing and wear. You would want to have enough room for clasping your bra.

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Other things to discuss with mom include whether or not your breasts are snuggly fit into the cups,  “bulging over” the cup tops, or under the bottom of your bra.  When the bra that you are trying on feels right, jump around a bit.  This will make you feel sure that your breasts are staying in place in spite of the activity.

When you and your mom have agreed on the style and brand of your first bra, you can make memories of this occasion to mark the event.  How about going for a nice dinner or lunch in a restaurant that you don’t go to normally?  It can be such a real treat.  How about watching a movie together?  Or, finding an automatic photo machine and taking your and your mom’s picture, making a funny shot?  You may have some other ideas to celebrate your having your first bra.

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