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Should a Girl Wear a Bra and When

If you look around online for anything about bras, you’ll be surprised to find that there are many bra issues posted in online community.  Among the problems that women and girls encounter include the proper fitting and the right type of bras to wear when, where, and with what attire.  However, it is very surprising to see one question that is repeatedly posted by many girls with ages ranging from 8 to 13 – should they or should not they wear a bra?

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This question gets a lot of answers from around the world.  Some say they should, while others say not yet.  However, the decision about this should come from the girl herself.  Bras are personal and intimate things, so whether or not to wear a bra is a personal decision.  If you are one of these girls, and your breasts are starting to develop, you may decide to wear a bra.  You can speak to your mom, grand mom, auntie or a friend who is older than you about the possibility of  buying a bra and wearing one.

You can start wearing a bra at no specific age, but basically, when your boobs start to develop. This can happen for different girls at different ages; some girls are fast developers while others are slow.  You might want to get some training bras so you will know how it feels like, and get used to wearing one.  A training bra can offer a cover up for your nipples, which may show on your t-shirt and may also cause embarrassment when you are at school or any public places. If your breasts are bigger, a sports bra is highly recommended. This is helpful if you are attending your gym class and other sports.

Bras will serve you lots of purposes, whatever is your age, circumstances, and stage of development, as long as you have breasts.  Bras will provide support for your boobs, so they will not droop and stretch over time.  Besides the support, bras also offer shaping to your breasts.  Whatever cup size you have, a good fitting bra can help to flatter your silhouette, also make you appear slimmer and younger-looking.  It is because bras have a great contribution on how your clothes hang and fit your body.

Bras are acceptable socially, whether your boobs are large or small. A molded cup bra or a padded bra is helpful not only in shaping and support, but also in providing you smooth fronts.

Some girls and grown up ladies are afraid of wearing bras because of some misinformation about wearing one.  There are women totally believe what they hear from other people that wearing a bra can cause breast cancers. This is far from truth, because cancer is caused by factors in our environment and our diet, and not by any type of bra.  So, should you wear a bra or not?  This question is for you to answer, but if you believe that you need one, why not?

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