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A Regular Bra Under a Sports Bra? Is It Okay?

If you ask online whether it’s OK to wear a regular bra under a sports bra during workouts, most likely you get three types of answers.  Some say “yes”, others may say “no”, and still others may say “it’s up to you”.  Respondents saying yes will tell you that they have worn two bras – one regular and one sports bra – and they felt just as comfortable as wearing any of the bras separately.  You might even be advised to do the same all the time you want.

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If you receive a “no” answer, the main argument could be that sports bras are created to give you support at the right position and wearing two bras can be uncomfortable. Another concern might be that, when you wear a tight shirt, it would feel tighter when you wear one bra under a sports bra.  Then the “it’s up to you” answer might tell you that it really depends on your preference.

The best sports bras should offer adequate support that eliminates the need for another bra, but if your breasts are not given the needed support, then wearing two bras will not hurt.  The key point here is for you to get a bra fitting and find the real good one.  Another option is to learn how to pick the best sports bras when you go the bra stores to buy a piece or two.  Here are the things that you should consider when buying a sports bra to ensure that what you are getting is the best.

A sports bra should have cup sizing, instead of the compression style that are sized as medium, small or large.  The right cup size offers support for each of your breasts, similar to the support offered by an under wire bra.

The best sports bra should offer extra support if you do high intensity workouts or cardio like jogging, step, tennis, horseback riding.  Without the proper support when your workout requires you to move from side to side and back and forth,  your breast tissues will be stretched and strained at the root.

A sports bra should be made from fabrics that do not hold the moisture;  it should be moisture wicking, so that moisture is not trapped under your breasts and cause some skin conditions. Cotton bra is highly recommended for this purpose.

The straps of a sports bra should be adjustable, meaning you can either loosen or tighten them as needed.  Whichever way, straps can help support your boobs and enable the bra to minimize bounces. 

Good sports bras are now made available to big cups, so you can find a sports bra easily. Don’t let your breasts lose their firmness because the damage is irreversible unless you go under the knife.

While you’re trying to get healthy and fit by exercising, please give protection to your breasts by wearing a sports bra that fits you perfectly.

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  • It that good to ware normal bra in sports br


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