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Push Up Bras Have the Support Your Breasts Need

Every woman desires a chest that stands high and in good shape.  Push up bras have the support the breasts need, help make the breasts look higher, fuller and larger, and enhance cleavage where only a little existed previously.

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A push up bra functions by squeezing the breasts into two cups which counteract the natural placement of the breasts.  It is normal for the breasts to swing a bit out towards the armpits, but a push up bra pushes the breasts up and closer together, making them look plumper and fuller.  Excess padding and stiff underwire are the components that help the push up bra provide the up and in support to the breasts. The padding in a push up bra filling the cup’s underside is one of its primary features. Usually a light weight foam is used, however, in some bra types, silicone gel or water is applied.  Liquid padding has the ability to mimic the real breasts’ movements and it gives a more natural appearance to the breasts.

When shopping for push up bras, a key factor is to find the right cut and style, should it be full figure, demi, convertible, etc. Bra fitting consultants in most boutiques can help find the right style and fit of the push up bra that one need for everyday wear or on special occasions.

Some push up bras fasten in front, so it is easier to make the breasts pushed together.  Regardless front or back closure, find the bra that has three or more hooks, which provide additional strength to the push up bra. The push up bra should hold the breasts up, and, to obtain a good fit, be constructed with cups having three sections and support panels.  If the last measurement for a bra fitting was years ago, one should have a new measurement before buying the next push up bra. The band and cup sizes might have changed for reasons like genetics, age, pregnancy, breast feeding, etc. It would be uncomfortable to wear a push up bra with the wrong size and fit.

Fabric is another important factor when bra shopping. Push up bras are made of cotton, satin, and other types of fabrics.  Before making the purchase, touch the fabric with fingers to see if it feels comfortable. Besides the fabric, look at the design and seams, and other aspects to make sure that the bra could fit well.

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