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Posture Support Bra Has a Special Function

Good posture means a body position that, while standing or sitting, you have a raised chest, tucked-under buttocks, and a straight back,  and you can breathe freely. 

If your breasts are  larger-than-average, maintaining a good posture can be difficult.  You may feel pain on the lower or upper back, or both, due to the weight of the large breasts that don't have the support of a posture support bra. This is the special function that the posture support bra offers.

Posture support bra | FinallyBra

Before you rush to the store to buy a posture support bra, you need to be informed first.  What you are supposed to buy is a posture support bra that has a special function.  When you are buying this type of bra, you might need to sacrifice some or more of cuteness. If you want to have support for your posture and look cute as well, it is unlikely that you can find that bra.  The posture support bra is more functional than aesthetically appealing.

The material for posture support bras is a combination of tech fabric for supporting the posture and high shine lingerie fabric.  You may find it comfortable yet average looking.  The posture support bra could have gotten five stars in consumer reviews, but the functional looks has allowed to go off with one star. Still, it has a thumbs up sign.

Most women need to wear a posture support bra of right size to correct their bad posture and avoid the back pains.  Some women even consider wearing the posture support bra as an alternative to a back surgery. Every a few years, every woman should be refitted and remeasured for a new posture support bra because even the least change in weight can affect the breast size.  And you know  what? The size of the breasts change even if your weight does not change.  During pregnancy or a menstrual cycle, the breast size also fluctuates, so does the size of your posture support bra.

Bras of wrong size can cause chronic back pains, abrasion, chafing, breast pain, breathing problems, and ultimately, poor posture. The upper back, shoulders, head and neck are forced to carry the weight of the breasts. The pain from this strain is similar to the pain of slipped disc, or sciatic nerve pressure.  These conditions might require surgery. But if your posture support bra is of the right size and right fitting, your breasts will be supported properly and all the pains might be behind you.

A rightly fitting posture support bra should reflect in the band size (chest size)  and your cup size (actual breast size).  The posture support bra band should lie even and flat, feeling comfortable and firm, and never ride up at the back. The rim at the bottom of the cups of a posture support bra should be just below the breasts.  And the primary support to your breasts should come from the band and the cups, rather than the posture support bra straps. Shop FinallyBra for the right bra that has both side back posture support functions and sexy appearance.

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