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The Perfect Bra for Every Body Type

In order to look stunning under your clothes and address all of your support needs, it is worth putting the time and effort into choosing a bra that best suits your body type.
Poorly sewn bras from discount retailers are not going to make the cut. It is better to have a few premium quality bras that work with most of your outfits instead of itchy, ill fitting, and cheap bras that aren’t durable. Maybe you aren’t sure which bra best suits you, as there are so many styles available.
As women usually have a pair of shoes for every situation: tennis shoes, sandals, heels, and hiking boots, etc., so we should also have bras that harmonize with our ensembles. Every woman has her everyday bra, but sometimes you need to switch it up as your everyday bra may not well suited for a dress. Having a variety of bras is also important to ensure your bra’s durability. Bras need time to breath after each use. 
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Balconette bras are great for tops that have a low, square neckline, and show off more cleavage. There are some half cup push up variations that can give petite girls a bigger bust. 
Demi bras offer 3/4 coverage without being too revealing, and usually don’t have extra padding. 
Full coverage bras are for more buxom women who need extra support. This style covers the entire breast to avoid excessive jiggle. However, most full coverage bras offer little in the style department.  FinallyBra strives to create designs that are functional and fabulous. 
Convertible bras have straps that can alter to achieve any styles, and their versatility may save you money. FinallyBra's cleavage bra comes in sensual yet simple colors and with lace panel that runs under the cups and center panel. The straps are removable so you can wear your most daring, bold, and adventurous outfits.
Push up bras have paddings that lift and push breasts higher and are great for small chested girls who want more cleavage. 
Sports bras are great for any type of exercises as they are designed to keep sweat away from the body, and are built for physical activities in a way that regular bras aren’t. 
Racerback bras gather in the back and are ideal for hiding bra straps under tank tops. 
Wireless bras are delicate and ideal for patients in post-op recovery, but offer little support for more busty women. FinallyBra's push up push in bras provide the right kind of comfort for recovering patients. They also provides 3/4 coverage and have straps that are removable.  FinallyBra also improves posture and back support with its innovative back wing design. 
Remember a bra needs to fit well, give great support and style, and make your favorite looks shine from inside out.

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