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Perfect Bra Buying Tips

First of all, what is a perfect bra?  A perfect bra is one that fits you right and you can wear with no issues. It is comfortable, supportive  and is priced to suit your budget.  No bra shopping can be more frustrating than buying a piece of undergarment to find out that it is ill fitting when you get home. So to help you find your perfect bra, we have the following tips to share to make your bra shopping easy and hassle free.

Know The Style That You Want

Before you step out the house to go bra shopping, you should already have an idea what style you want to buy.  There are many bra styles available in the market choosing one can be confusing, so it is best if you focus on one style or two in your shopping.  You may look for regular bras, racerback, convertible, demi cup bras, strapless, and so on.  Knowing what you want beforehand can save you a lot of time looking for your perfect bra.

Get Sized

This is very important. So when you enter a bra store, don’t fail to have your measurement taken.  A woman’s body is constantly changing regardless of your age.  Whether you are a teen or an adult woman there are factors that cause the size of your bra to change.  Don’t forget that good bras equal big money and they are investment pieces, so never be shy nor afraid to introduce your girls to a friendly sales assistant to get the proper fitting.

Always Try On The Bras

Raid the store and get different bra brands at the size to which you’ve been measured.  Try on different shapes – demi, push up, plunge, sports bra, etc – and see which one will fit you and make you look best. Check the cups for softness and smoothness, as well as structure and support.

Check Yourself In The Mirror

When you see a bra style on a mannequin, you might find that it looks great.  Make sure that it works for you, too. Are your boobs properly contained and not spilling out at the top of the cups? Turn around and see your back;  there might be unflattering bra bulges that show. A good fitting bra will hide the back fat.  Once you decide that you like the bra, see how it looks under your clothes.

You might also want to bring your trusted friend, your mom or your aunt, and your sister along in your bra shopping trip.  They can help you decide which style and shape is good for you.

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Buy The Basics First

Purchase several bras that you can use on your everyday work.  These are the essential pieces that you can wear from day to day, not those with fancy extras.

Go To The Internet

This is the best place to visit if you do not know which department store to go to, or if you prefer to be convenient in your bra shopping.  The only drawback here is that you do not get to try on the bra.  In this case, you should try to get your exact measurement by yourself. However, you should find a lot more options online for your bra purchase as the retail stores do not normally carry every styles.

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