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On the Search for a Great Support Bra

Finding great support bras can be a challenge because women’s bra size changes throughout the life time. So a bra or bra style that fits in twenties may not fit as when you age or have children.

It is recommended that women measure themselves once every six months. The following is the easiest approach.

First, measure your under bust and add four inches if your measurement is an even number and add five inches if your measurement is an odd number.How to measure bra size | FinallyBra

Then, measure the fullest part of your bust which is also known as the over bust, whose measurement is used to calculate your cup size. If the under bust and over bust are of equal measurement, your cup size is A. The cup size will increase for every inch that your over bust measurement surpasses the measurement of the under bust. For example, an over bust measurement that is one inch over your under bust measurement means that your cup size is B, and so on.

How to measure bra size | FinallyBra

Still too complicated? Many lingerie shops provide free bra fittings in the comfort and privacy of a dressing room. A bra with great support has wire that covers the whole breast and lies flat against the rib cage.

Bras that provide great support are important because the wrong support, or worse, no support at all, can mean back problems and ill fitting clothing. Sure, smaller chested ladies worry about these issues less, but the more buxom women do not have the option of going bra-less. However, more petite women may want to consider a bra with padded support to help enhance their confidence in the overall silhouette. Back band riding up the back equals to no support and adds too much strain on your back. Be sure that your bra does not slide or slip. On the other hand, women who are more voluptuous should not have to suffer with tight bras that leave dents.

A great support bra cannot be bought just anywhere, very few reputable brands exist on the market today that cater to the needs of every woman. Actually, this is exactly why our founders started up FinallyBra in 2011 with a mission of designing and making great support bras that flatter all figures, and are available in a variety of colors and styles. FinallyBra bras are designed by women who truly understand a woman’s needs for bras that provide great support without compromising on sexiness and sophistication. In short, they give maximum support without looking like a support bra. In fact, these are pretty yet practical bras that one wouldn’t be embarrassed if the strap of their dress accidentally fell down. Aside from their sultriness and flair, these bras also address the most plaguing issues surrounding proper support such as back problems and poor circulation. Additionally they lift cleavage up and away from the sides, smooth armpit fat and back bulges and made in soft, luscious fabric, providing great support for women of all body types and are moderately priced, so these are great investment and worth their weight in gold.

A quality bra with great support truly enhances a woman’s overall appearance. The right bra with the right support can help you conquer your clothing issues.

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