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Newly Invented Paper Bra Will Limit Your Exposure During Surgery

It has been a practice of hospitals to give their patients who will undergo surgery just a pair of paper pants.  This will cover the bottom half of their bodies when being operated on.  However, nothing is given to patients to cover their breasts, and this makes almost all patients uncomfortable because they feel so exposed.

In UK, a set of paper bra and panty, called the Digni Bra, was invented by 2 theater nurses, Fiona Cartwright, 48 and Nathalie Reid, 39.  Both nurses were from Porthcawl, South Wales and are working at ValeHealthcareHospital in Cardiff. The two got inspired to design the Digni Bra when they notice that women patients who undergo surgery become conscious of their exposure while on the operating table.

The bra is intended for single use only and need to be disposed after serving its purpose.  It is made from opaque royal blue paper, a color which suits the aspect of patient’s privacy.  The Digni Bra has thin elastic trimmings to make it stay in place.  The fit is relaxed and it is roomy, so it can be worn even with women who are richly endowed at the front.  In case of an emergency while the patient is on the operating room, the bra can be removed quickly.  This will allow easy access to the heart.

The Digni Bra has a very simple look, but it underwent a very challenging creation process.  The two nurses Nathalie and Fiona had to take many aspects of surgery into consideration while they were designing the paper bra.  The product needs to be cost effective, easy to put on and off, not transparent, and hygienic.  It also needs to be minimalistic, as there should be little or no interference with the operation sites and the cardiac monitoring equipment.

Unlike a regular bra, the Digni bra does not have the traditional metal clasp, but rather you can tie it in the back, so this can be worn by women patients of every shape and size. The paper, as mentioned above, is opaque and provides solid coverage.  It does not have straps, so this can be used when you are to be operated on your shoulder, neck and head; the absence of straps also avoid interference with medical equipment and other processes.

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The Digni Bra is on trial at the Vale Healthcare Hospital where the two nurses are working.  Before it was introduced to patients, various consultations with health authorities were conducted – particularly with MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency), and the two nurses waited for the confirmation from the agency and the required standards for the products. So far, the Digni Bra has been receiving overwhelming response from the patient users, saying that the product preserve their modesty and make their hospital stay more pleasant.  Both Cartwright and Reid are hoping for the day when they see their invention being used in hospitals and clinics throughout UK. With the benefits provided by the Digni Bra to women patients, their hope and dream are not far from becoming a reality.

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