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New moms, You Need to Select the Super Lift and Support Bras


In order to shed the weight gained during pregnancy, a lot of moms anxiously hurry to the gym. But because of the breasts are still swelling, a lot of exercises (tread mill, elliptical etc.) can wreck havoc on the sore breasts most new moms have.

Even when not exercising, new moms still feel a little burden of the increased weight of swelling breasts during daily routine. This is why new moms should carefully select best lift and support bras for this special period of life.

A good lift bra can carry the extra weight and prevent future breast droop. Best lift bra normally have wide shoulder straps so that you won’t feel the dig-in problem. Best support bra can secure the breasts while the body moves. Best support bra should include excellent cup design to separate and contain the boobs, also push in the breasts to create moderate cleavage; also best support bra provides best side and back support. Back support bra is especially important for new moms because it share the duty of carrying the weight of breasts and keep the breast in the front in place. New moms usually gain some weight during pregnancy; this is why side support bra becomes necessary as it regulates the fat at body side and under armpit.

New moms need all the lift, back and side support functions a quality bra offers. Sometimes, it is just hard to find all-in-one bras that meet the purpose. We highly recommend our Classic Push Up Push In Support Bra and Elegant Push Up Push In Support bra, and they are excellent choice for new moms. 

We suggest new moms to purchase at least two best lift and support bras to make sure there is an alternate when one is washed.

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