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Minimizer Bra Makes Your Breasts Appear Smaller

In her email to us for help, Nicole of Seattle wrote: I have natural large breasts and I am not happy with them, and always wish that they were smaller. A friend advised me that there’s a type of bra that can reduce the appearance of my boobs.  Can you tell me what it is?  Thank you.

For many of you who complain that your breasts are too big, please stop. Every size is beautiful and sexy and the key is to find the right bras that fit your body. Please do not wear large clothes to hide your curve.  Of course, please do not go under the knife for a breast reduction surgery.  

If you really want to downplay your size a little bit, there is a bra type that can minimize the size of your breast.  In fact there are two: minimizer bra and sports bra. But may we remind you that trying to minimize the appearance of your busts may result in the other parts of your body looking bigger, such as your belly. 

Minimizer Bra | FinallyBra

The minimizer bra compresses and flattens your breasts and reshapes them so a smaller bust line is created.  Please make sure that you are fitted properly to help reduce the breast appearance.  Properly fitted bras will support and lift your breasts, which is very important to big breasts.  If you wear a minimizer bra that does not fit you, your breasts may appear bigger than they are, look saggy or seen low on your chest.

When buying a minimizer bra, you must choose very carefully, because some types just push your breasts out to the sides of your chest, as if the bra wants to hide them under your armpits. This actually is a bra fitting problem FinallyBra is trying to correct and why you need a push in bra.

While wearing a minimizer bra is the easiest solution to your bra issue, it is not the only one, though.  There is also the sports bra, which can also help make your breasts appear smaller.  This bra type binds your “girls” to the body closer, so they get the support while exercising or moving actively.  As in minimizer bra, you should also be careful in choosing. A sports bra can flatten your chest too much, so that you appear to have a uni-boob, or one rectangular, big boob.  

Alternatively, you can always try to lose weight to reduce the boob's size. This can be difficult, but you can try. Losing 10 lbs. can probably makes a big difference in how big your boobs appear.  Be aware that a woman’s breast is the part of the body where weight is gained first, and also the same part where weight is lost.

Lastly, we firmly believe every size is wonderful. Wearing a quality bra that can support the weight, lift, push up and push inward the breasts can help your boobs appear firmer and sexier. Try our specially designed bras at FinallyBra and start to love and enjoy your curve.

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