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Maternity Bras for Pregnant Women

Women who are conceiving experience growing breasts even in the early days of pregnancy. Reality star Kim Kardashian, her boobs went two cup sizes up (some said it was four:  from 36D to 36G) as early as second trimester.  During her pregnancy, she was spotted going out with no bra or the nipples showing through the outfit. 

Why didn’t Kim wear a bra?  Was it because her boobs had grown so large that she felt more comfortable not wearing one?  Or perhaps her breasts had outgrown her pre-pregnancy bras that they might fall out of the cups?

So if you are pregnant, before this embarrassing moment happens, why not take time out and have yourself fitted, and purchase a couple of bras that fit and allow some room to grow.  You need to get fitted because you can’t tell what size you comfortably wear, and allow some room as you will probably gain weight up to the time that your baby is born. The breast milk will also add volume to your boobs.

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When should a pregnant woman get fitted for a maternity bra?  Depending on how fast or slow she outgrows her pre-pregnancy bras, there is really no right time to be fitted for a new bra during your pregnancy. As soon as you feel that you need a maternity bra, go get one.

When choosing a maternity bra, the first thing you should look for is comfort.  Then see also that the clips are easy to open and close, because this could be the same bra that you use when you feed your baby.  Make sure what you buy is a fully opening bra.  As mentioned before, you’d better buy at least two bras – one you’ll wear and one for change. Having four will make you more comfortable, allowing you enough time for washing and drying.  Hand wash them with mild soap, but if you would like to put them in the machine, make sure they are inside a lingerie bag and only in gentle cycles.

Pregnancy is an extra important time to protect your breasts because they undertake both volume and shape changes. So plan accordingly and dress appropriately with a fitted maternity bra is a valuable investment for your future health.

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