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Is Bra Strap Lipo the Best Option to Eliminate Back Fat

Back fats are rolls of fat forming on the back when women wear bras. They can be as annoying, uncomfortable and unsightly as belly bulge or muffin top.  They can also be stubborn, meaning they can be resistant to weight loss in many women, and can be the last part of the body that can be corrected by diet and exercise.  These are the reasons why some patients who are very conscious of their appearance subject themselves to bra strap lipo.

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Bra strap lipo is a medical process which is done to suck out the fat from the upper back, upper arms, and under arms. Collectively they are called back fats or bra bulges. The areas are then sculpted through the Microcannula Tumescent Liposuction, also known as Microlipo.  This procedure was developed by a doctor practicing in a private clinic in London. The operation can be easily done by making small incisions either in a clinical setting or in an operating room, depending on how big or small is the area affected.

The operation, including three painful hours of surgery, is not cheap and may cost about $4,000 (2,600 pounds). Price wise, many women think: “is this really the best option for me to eliminate my back fat?  Or are there other ways?"

Before you dive into the expensive surgery to alter your body, it could be helpful to know that the back fat may be due to a badly fitted bra, not because you are overweight or carrying all of your fat on your back.

So we would like to suggest that you visit a lingerie store and have yourself measured by a professional fitter or measure yourself from online guidance (refer to FinallyBra Bra Fitting Guide). You must remember that bra sizes change with age, pregnancy, and weight loss / gain. Get fitted at least every 12 months and buy a new bra within 6 - 8 months.  If you get yourself measured, you will be surprised at the results, because your new cup size may be different from the size that you knew you were.  You will also save yourself lots of money from the surgery and lots of trouble subsequently. A bra that is well fitted can eliminate your back fat immediately.

After you are fitted, choose bras that have more supportive and thicker band around the back.  Look for fabric that is supportive as well. It is not recommended to use a thin band even though it is fashionable, because thin band tends to cut into the skin and lead bulges in all the incorrect places.  We recommend bras featuring at least two to three inch thick, and you can try to see if they give you a smooth look.

Don’t forget to head to the gym to work out, focusing on back exercises.  It also helps to get rid of the back fat. The workout should include cardiovascular activities, aerobics, and strength training.  One last reminder, consider to switch to a healthier diet!

bra back fat | FinallyBra

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