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How to Fix Bra Underwires

Underwire bras are popular among women because of the support they provide to the breasts. But no matter how well the bra is made, and no matter the cost, the underwire sometimes creates a hole on the fabric where it is encased. When there is already a hole, the wire may begin to come out and poke your body.  This can be uncomfortable when you feel the poke with your every move.

bra underwire | FinallyBra

The inner side of the underwire bra

Are you thinking of throwing the poor bra away?  It is not your best option, though. Maybe in the past when there seemed to be no solution to repair broken underwires, many women threw away their bras.  Today, however, you can repair them in a short amount of time using materials that you can find inside your home or bought with little cost. You will need a piece of electrical tape, an upholstery thread with the color that matches your bra, and fabric glue.

To begin, wrap the sharp tip of the wire with electrical tape.  Don’t over-wrap, just enough so that the underwire will not easily slide back to the open hole, and to cover the sharpness. Then push the metal back in, until the tip is about half of an inch away from the hole. Close the hole by stitching it with an upholstery thread (which should be heavy duty).

Instead of stitching, you can also use a strong fabric glue to repair the hole and prevent the underwire from coming out. Once the wire has been pushed back in, you can close the hole by applying fabric glue on the material.  Let it dry completely by holding it with a clamp. As soon as it gets dried, you can wear your favorite bra and can also wash it, as the glue that you applied on the bra is washable.  You just need to complete the repair with care.

Another material that you can use to repair your underwire bra is the moleskin.  This is the patch that you use when you want to remove the calluses on your feet. Cut a small piece of the moleskin and patch it to the broken fabric. It will adhere to itself and at the same time provide a soft cushion against the wire. The smaller is the patch, the more seamless the repair will look.

Now push the underwire back inside the encasement, leaving only fabric on the area with hole.  This will get the repair done easily.  Get the moleskin that you cut and remove its backing, then press it against the hole created by the wire. Using your thumbs begin to smoothen the patch so it will stay in place. 

You’re done now!  The bra has been repaired, and you can again wear it. 

It is recommended that you wear the repaired bra several times before getting it washed.  Let your body heat make the glue stick better to the fabric. Now you know that throwing away broken underwire bras is a waste of money.  Well made bras cost from above $50 and may be more.  Why throw your money away when you can use them again by repairing your valuable bras.

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