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How to Find a High Quality Bra

Unlike most of the items in our wardrobe, a high quality bra is an investment. Finding the right bra will cost you a little bit more than a simple shirt for example, which is why you must take the time into finding the bra that best fits your body. One of the challenges when it comes to women’s clothing is that more work has to be put into designing for our more rounded shape, as opposed to men who do not have wider hips and noticeably sizable busts. Mass produced clothing may mean lower costs for consumers, but do not take into account each woman’s unique shape and size. A bra that gathers, pulls, or causes grooves in your shoulders and back pain may not have the same effect on another woman’s body and shows signs of a bad fit. Many popular lingerie shops offer frilly and sexy underwear that are often uncomfortable and made of low quality materials that fall apart after one wash.

When trying on a bra, the breast must fit inside the cup without bulging over or spill out of the sides. The bra should be comfortable fastened on the first snap, you can use the other snaps as the bra increases its elasticity over time. Check how the bra moves with you and how it looks under your clothes. You should not be stopping to readjust a falling strap or pulling up an unstable strapless bra. If you can see lines or the cups stick out from under your blouse, you have not found the proper bra.

Next, decide which style best suits your needs and personal style. Strapless bras are great for a seamless look under sleeveless tops and dresses, but a bra with removable straps is more versatile as it can be worn under any article of clothing.

Some body types require a more complex design and structure, FinallyBra offers comfortable bras that are functional and have health-improving features such as posture and back pain correction without skipping out on the style. What’s special about FinallyBra is that it is designed by women who work to adapt all the latest lingerie trends to each female's support needs. The latest materials and techniques are employed in each design for practical yet pretty bras. 

How to Find a High Quality Bra | FinallyBra

You aren't doing yourself any favors if you keep buying low quality bras that may lead to health and self image problems later on in life, such as sagging and poor posture. Not to mention the missed dates because you didn’t like that lumpy and old bra you always wore under your nice clothes. High quality bras are rarely found in discount stores, but every woman deserves to look and feel her best. 

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