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How Long Can a Bra Be Kept?

On her email to us, Amy of San Francisco said: "I've been a lover of bras since I started wearing them.  I usually buy a piece each month and pick the really good ones.  Because they are quality undergarment and most of them are still very usable even after a year of wearing and washing. As a result many of my newly bought bras are just stored in my lingerie drawer.  I would like to know how can I keep them there without using and washing them?  Will they be still okay after 5 or 10 years?" 

keeping a bra for 10 years is an odd practice, although we say that yes, you can keep them, but only for a maximum of three years.  But that depends on the quality and the brand of the bra.  And they should be stored in a good condition, in the same packaging when you bought them. There should be no dust, no moisture, and no strong lights. Put them all in a drawer separate from the bras that you are using daily.

But we wonder why would you want to keep your bras for years without using them?  If you are buying a new bra every month, then you know that there are new bra designs and models coming out every now and then.  And by the time that you wear your stored bras, they may not be trendy anymore. Or, they may not be as nice as when you first bought them. They might have lost a bit of their elasticity and also ability to stretch.

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Our suggestion is to have seven to ten bras in your wardrobe for your everyday use.  You can change bras every six months, maybe every year if they are good quality bras. Make sure that you wash them immediately after wearing them.  Your bras will keep their shape and last longer if you wash them frequently in a proper manner. If possible, hand wash them with a mild soap and never dry them on the machine.

FinallyBra is long lasting, so you can wear the bras for more than a year and still feel comfortable.  If you still have old bras that lost shape and the elastic materials have already broken, by all means, throw them away.  And if you want some new bras, buying one piece each month may be too much. Maybe three to four every six months is more desirable.

If, however, you insist in keeping bras for long periods without wearing and washing them, it is up to you.  Just take necessary steps to place them in a condition that will not easily damage their shape and material.

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