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How Do Properly Fitted Bras Offer Protection

Bras originated from the Second World War when most of the male population of the United States went to the battlefields and women became a major part of the labor force.  Women filed into factories, steel works and shipyards and kept the country’s industry running.  They worked in fields ranging from making ammunitions, sewing uniforms, to airplanes, and worked long hours (some had to move where the jobs were).

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While these women were working, they were exposed to harsh conditions, heavy machinery, and work-related injuries. Because of these reasons, some safety officials sought to create an undergarment for women workers who were doing manual tasks. A company in Pennsylvania that specialized in industrial safety equipment then, created a protective SAF-T-Bra which was entirely made of plastic. Every member of the women work force was supplied with this kind of bra and it was successful in protecting the women from occupational accidents.

Several types of bras have been invented in the past for the benefit of women who wear them, including the anti-rape bra which was designed by Indian students to prevent the wearer from getting raped.  There is also the Digni Bra, a disposable type of bra which protects a patient’s modesty while undergoing surgery or having a breast massage.

Until today, there are really good bras that offer protection for women.  This protection applies to issues like saggy breasts, back pains and some health problems.  With regards to saggy breasts, this is the condition when the tissues in the mammary get stretched over time due to lack of proper support, gravity and activities that result in the mass of the breast shifting or bouncing about in an uncontrolled fashion.

Bras also protect women from circulation problems when you wear a well crafted and properly fitting bra.  When large breasts are not supported enough, the muscles supporting them are forced to work very hard.  The pectoral muscles in the chest are the mostly affected areas.  

Another area where women get protection from bras is the back, neck and shoulder pains.  The muscles connecting the neck to the shoulder are called trapezius muscles. These muscles become tightened and take up most of the weight of the breast when the bra that you’re wearing is ill fitting and provides very little support. This overworking and constant straining of the trapezius muscles can lead to health issues that include back, neck and shoulder pains.

While the women of World War II were given protection by plastic bras called the SAF-T-Bras, women today are also protected by bras that are of the right size and fit.  When buying bras, the best thing to find out if they really fit is to try them on while you are in the store.  If you buy online, try the bra(s) on as soon as they arrive.

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