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Holiday Bra Tip – Keep Breasts Uplifted

The holiday season is here! :) Like most women, you are probably planning which style of dress to wear on which event or party that you are going to.  And the only thing you want is to look your best during the holidays, so what can help you achieve this goal?  

Keep Breasts Uplifted | FinallyBra

Wearing a good lift bra that will make your breasts uplifted, firmer and separated under any holiday outfit is the answer.  And don’t forget that it should be of the right fit.  If your lift bra does not fit you right, as in too tight, what people will witness are breasts spilling either over the top of your cups, or at the bottom. This creates a “four boobs look”.  When it’s too big,  your boobs will be hanging on your rib cage – two “shaking heads”? Not a good sight.

With a lift bra, you can wear any type of holiday dress that is fancy.  You will look fabulous with the deepest plunge dress or shirt with a nice breast lift.  With a lift bra under  a tight-fitting tailored top, your bust size will seem to increase. This bra is the only way to achieve the look you want for your boobs.  How about exercise?  No, no. No amount of exercise can shape and uplift your breasts.  This is the problem of most women:  drooping or sagging boobs, regardless of your chest size or age.

Lift bras are ideal if your boobs are saggy, even if only slightly. Your breasts also need support from a lift bra if they are far apart and nipples pointing to the sides, rather than the front.  Therefore, most of your breast volume is side oriented and chest front showing a big vacant gap.  This is the horizontal displacement of breasts which is natural for some women, but can be remedied by the lift push in bra.  This type of bra is able to provide you with the support needed to push your breast tissue up and inward and minimize the gap at the front.

Breast sagging is not an issue just for mature women.  Women should wear a lift bra as early as possible:  it will lessen the sagging caused by the pull of gravity.  Padding is one component of the lift bra that uplifts your breast.  Everything else counts – the cup shape, the position of straps and the back wing design.  The lift bra’s padding can be light, medium or heavy with different materials including cotton, fiberfill, gel, silicone or water.  The pads usually are thicker at the base and smoothly diminish to the top, giving you a natural looking silhouette.

Remember, for the holidays, you can wear the most daring top with a lift bra.  You can show what you want people to see and hide what is needed to be hidden.

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