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First Bra Buying Guide

When purchasing the first bra, teens and preteens find it somewhat embarrassing. It can also be exciting, because it means that you are growing and nearing womanhood.

If you feel that you’re ready for your first bra, don’t get shy or nervous to talk to your mom about it.  Maybe you’re waiting for her to bring it up to you, but if she doesn't,  it’s okay that you make the suggestion. You can tell her that you think you should start to wear a bra, because you are developing.  Ask her if she could take you to the mall to try and buy one or two. 

First Bra Buying Guide

Having two bras to use as starter is ideal.  You can always go back to the store if you feel that you need more.  Bras for younger girls are called teen bras, bralettes, or training bras. These names refer to one and the same item – bras with cups that are lacking in underwire and are intended for use by teens and preteens.  They can be bought in small, medium, and large sizes, but some styles come in standard sizes.

Before heading to the mall, you may suggest shopping in a place that is not frequently visited by your classmates and friends.  You don’t have to tell your mom that you feel partly embarrassed once friends see you buying an undergarment. Most likely she knows from her own experience when she bought her first bra. However, if you’re really on to it and understand that it is part of your body growing, you can go to more popular bra stores in the malls, or visit high end bra boutiques. Where you buy your first bra is a matter of your own personal choice.

Another thing before you two go out shopping, ask your mom to measure you.  Or, you measure yourself if you know how to do it.  Maybe you’ve read about bra buying and learnt how to get the right measurement.  There are plenty guides online to help you. See FinallyBra's Bra Size Measurement Guide for a detailed instruction.  Otherwise, you can go to a high end bra shop and find a staff there who can do the measurement for you. The important things to consider when buying your bra are comfort and fit. Try on several sizes and styles, ask your mom to help you put each one on and adjust the straps.  You can also move around a bit to know how it feels.  It is perfectly fine if you need several tries before you find the bra that fits.  

Training bras are mostly available in cotton fabric and white color. You can wear them under most of your tops. You can even try some “fun” bras, which come in all kinds of available colors. 

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