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Firm Bras That Are Functional Yet Beautiful

A firm bra does more than giving support and coverage; it also shapes your cleavage, giving your form a balanced silhouette that is full and round. Breast tissue droops as you age, and because this tissue is made of fat, muscle toning exercises will not help you get them back to their desired shape. Even those among us with perfect posture can not escape the signs of time as gravity pulls the breasts downward. To re-contour drooping breasts, many women opt for a mastopexy, which is also known as a breast lift. This procedure involves the removal of excess skin and won't change bust size, but sometimes the areola may have to be placed at a higher location on the breast. This is a costly option for achieving firm breasts, and the risks and complications do not seem worth the trouble: uneven or misshapen breasts, loss of nipple sensation which may be temporary or permanent, or recurrent sagging which may require surgery. There have been many advances in technology made in procedures involving breasts which have reduced hospital stays and recovery time, but all surgeries still carry risks.

Bras are the best alternative to going under the knife to restore your former shape and give your bust a youthful volume. 

To lessen the effects of sagging, it is crucial that women avoid rapid weight gain that is followed by rapid weight loss, and buying proper fitting bras. Have a saleslady at your local lingerie shop measure you for your proper size. Measuring is simple, but it is the long hunt for the proper bra that makes the situation complicated. Bra shopping gets even more stressful if a bra that fits beautifully has been discontinued or not in stock.

Firm Supportive Bras | FinallyBra

Padding may be used in a bra to create fuller and stiffer cleavage that deters the harsh effects of sagging. A bra that gives you a well rounded shape also shapes your confidence. A lot of push bras on the market add layers of padding without actually enhancing the beauty of a woman’s natural cleavage. To assure the best support and firmness, replace your bras every six to nine months. Bras that work should not cause visible lines under your clothing or bunch up in the cup area.

At FinallyBra, we provide products for women who require bras with a more complex construction without missing out on classy, elegant, and sultry styles. These bras allow for all kinds of movement and will not fall off. 


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