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Exercises That Eliminate That Annoying Bra Bulge

The current trend in fashion is tight fitting clothes. Young and old, petite or large women love to wear clothes that cling to their bodies.  The clothes are so tight to the extent that they are unable to hide even little fat bulges sticking out where they should not be and rather seem to emphasize the presence of those annoying bulges.  Bra bulge (also called bra overhang) is the extra skin that hangs over the straps or clasp of your bra.  Look at the front cups when you put on a bra.  If the cups properly fit your breasts, then this bra overhang is extra fat tissue that spills over at the back when pressed together.

Bra bulges can be eliminated, although it’s a bit more difficult than eliminating fats in other parts of the body such as the abdomen, thighs and hips.  Besides the help of a good side and back support bra like you can purchase from our FinallyBra bra collection, there are some exercises that can help you tone your back. 

Bent-Over Fly

This move zeroes in on your back muscles that are rubbed by the bra. You will need a weight in your hands, such as 3 to 10 pound dumbbells, depending on your strength overall.  With your weighted arms straight at your front, you lean forward while bending your knees.  Keep your back straight while doing this. When you reach between standing upright and hanging forward at the hips, stop. As you put your arms back, slightly bend at your elbows.  Here, you will feel your upper back muscles working.  When you lower your arms, control the weights by using your muscles.  This exercise is to be repeated 12-15 times.

Plyometrics – Shuffle W/Wrap Twist

This exercise is a combination of muscle toning and fat burning.  These moves are high intensity and help you target your back fat.  First you do a plyometric shuffle by standing with feet apart, hip-width.  Bend your knees then lean forward slightly. For balancing, put your arms in front of you.  Hop with your right leg to one side, followed by hopping to another side.  Increase the intensity by trying to find out how far you can jump to the side.  Make alternates for 20 jumps, after which you do your toning exercise next.

Stand with your feet apart, shoulder-width, put your arms out straight, in level with your shoulders. Then twist to your left while your arms are wrapped around your torso.  Holding the twist, inhale.  After this, turn to the opposite side and raise your arms again.  Alternate the twists for 20 times.

Downward-Facing Dog

You’ll be working your entire body in this exercise, especially the upper back muscles. Kneel on the floor, extend your hands forward until they are flat on the floor. Then push back using your heels to form a “V” shape (upside down) on your body. Observe that your arms are in level with your body, and that your back is kept straight.  Then put back your heels on the ground.  Allow for 30 seconds before you rise up slowly to your upright position.  Lift your head last so you won’t feel dizzy.

fat bulge | FinallyBra

If you do any of these back exercises regularly, together with fat burning workouts, your bra bulges will be eliminated.  So now, you can pull back that backless dress that you have already put at the innermost part of your closet and wow everyone with your sexy back.


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    Wish you success and would love to see your bras, one day, at Macy’s!

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