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Essential Bra Styles for Your Wardrobe

Receiving an invitation to an evening party to be held sooner than you expected will prompt you to buy a last minute evening dress.  When you get back home, you discover that nothing in your lingerie drawer is right for that dress.  This happens to most of us – when we can’t find the right undergarment at the time that we need it the most.  To help you decide on the right bra to buy, we list down below the essential bra types that you should ALWAYS have in your drawer.  Having all these items will get your needs covered, so to speak.

Basic Bra for Everyday Use

For everyday wear, you should have a collection of these bras.  If possible, get a one week supply.  If you’re like most women who wear the same bra for 2 or 3 consecutive days, just make sure that the bra is not soiled with oil from the skin and perspiration.  We recommend that, instead of wearing one single bra for a few days, try to have three or more bras and wear them alternatively over a week.  Like a worker, a bra also needs a day off, to air out, and to return to the original shape.

An everyday bra can be seamed or seamless.  The point to look out for is the support and comfort that it gives, and how it looks under your clothes.

push up bra | FinallyBra

Convertible Bra

This is a very handy bra when you lack time to go bra shopping and a quick solution is necessary.  Its straps can be modified.  You can transform them into a racer back, a halter, a strapless, or a one-shoulder style to go well with your tops and dresses.  If you have a convertible bra in your drawer, you might not need to buy a strapless bra when you need one.

Demi Cup Bra

It is sexy, so men love this style.  It is a great date-night bra, especially when made of lace, in black.  Half of your breasts are exposed, because the cups are cut partially away.  Its shoulder straps are wide set.  The demi-cup bra is suitable for wide scoop, low cut, or square neck cut necklines  It will be unflattering if you use a full cup bra with these cuts, because part of the cup will show.

Push Up Bra

This bra style has additional padding at the lower part of the cup.  This pushes the boobs up, giving an illusion of bigger and fuller bust line.  If your top or dress calls for a look that’s more filled up, the push up bra comes in handy.  Most bras of this style have C cups or smaller, and their shoulder straps are wider set.

Sports Bra

It is considered a must in every woman’s lingerie drawer, even if you are not a very active person. Our breasts are supported only by Cooper’s ligaments which are non-elastic.  Frequent bouncing can result in ligaments break down and your breasts may sag permanently. A good quality sports bra will help prevent the breast tissues from getting damaged.  These bras are categorized according to the level of exercise intensity, so if you engage in various sports activities, different level sports bras should be in your drawer.

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