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Electrified Bra Protecting a Woman From Getting Raped Is Created

Have you heard that an electrified bra will protect you from rapists?  Yes, it is true.  Three Indian engineering students (two are females) of Sri Ramaswany Memorial (SRM) University in Chenna invented the bra, and even gave a name to it – Society Harnessing Equipment, or SHE for short.  The lingerie is designed to shock a person when he gropes the outside of the bra and the pressure sensors get activated.  But what about the wearer – will she not get electrocuted by it?  According to the designer the inner of the bra is lined with polymer which will protect you from the electric shocks that the bra emits.

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The three inventors are Manisha Mohan, Rimpi Tripathi, and Neeladri Basu Pal.  They say that the electric bra can send out shock waves of 3,800KV (kilovolt) that can be emitted many times (as many as 82 times).  The lingerie is not only capable of shocking the attacker, but also has GPS (Global Positioning System) and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) that will alert the girl’s parents as well as the police with the location of the attack.

The inventors said that there are several reasons why they came up with the idea of an electrified bra.  The two females have both experienced being groped while on a train to school.  They said that they are always taught to be kind to others and always wear a smile on their faces.  However, they wouldn't know how to maintain their smiles while there is a threat to their integrity and purity.

The idea was also inspired by the gang rape of a woman while in a bus in New Delhi who died of serious injuries nine days after the assault.  There is also the story of a Swiss tourist who was raped by five men while camping with her husband.  A British female tourist reportedly jumped out of her hotel window because she was afraid that the hotel manager had a vicious plan of attacking her, as he was trying to make a break-in.

This project also includes a panty, but only the bra is electrified. Sex attackers grope in the bra region first when they assault a woman, as studies have proven.  The bra design is currently on the modification stage regarding to the right fabric so the bra can be washed.  When all issues have been smoothed out, the bra will be mass produced and bring into the market by month end.  The electrified bra is expected not only to protect the girls from getting brutally raped, but also to get India’s tourism industry back to normal.  It was reported that the industry suffered too much from the negative publicity brought about by rape cases in the country.

It sounds wonderful, doesn't it?  Do you believe that this particular bra can save women from rapists?  Maybe partially, there should also be a culture change with parents teaching their sons while still young, so they become decent, respectful and real men when they grow up.

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