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Do You Need Maternity Bras During Pregnancy and Why

Breasts, like the other body parts, change during pregnancy.  They become bigger everyday and more touch-sensitive. Women can charge this physical change to weight gain, hormonal shifts, and expanded rib cage.  Additionally the mammary glands start to produce milk during the last few months of pregnancy. So we recommend women to get new bras during pregnancy.

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Only a week ago, the pregnant reality queen Kim Kardashian was featured in a news article wearing a thin white maxi dress.  It was very obvious that the bra she wore was way too small for her breasts; in fact it was a few sizes smaller.  It’s easy to see that her bra finds it difficult to keep her girls afloat. No doubt it was the bra that she owned and wore before she was pregnant. 

It can be really tempting to use the bras you wore before the girls start ballooning, especially for the savings that you realize for doing so.  However, it is best that you find some good new maternity bras, for the sake of your looks and the health of your breasts. The breasts of pregnant women become heavier as they grow and start to develop glandular tissues, which can add at least a couple ounces for each breast to the weight, and therefore your boobs need to be given some comfort and support.

It’s easy to know when it’s time to buy a new bra during the pregnancy.  There are signs that tell when you need to visit a lingerie shop, either at the department stores or online. When your breasts spill out of the bra cups and the bra feels overly snug, then it is the time to replacing your existing ones with new bras.  Also, when you take off your bra and there are band and strap indentations on your skin, it means that your breasts need a larger bra.

No pregnancy is the same and every woman’s breasts change uniquely. Some women may have cup sizes that increase continuously during their pregnancy.  Some may find their breasts increase in size during the trimester, and not grow until a few months before giving birth.  Bra shopping should depend on how your body changes. Some women probably need to buy a new bra several times while they are pregnant.

When choosing a maternity bra, look for natural materials which are soft and do not irritate the skin.  These materials can absorb the sweat (which increases during pregnancy) without harming your skin.  When picking a bra with under wire, you can find new models that offer flexible support.  The wires are low-gauge and are used to flex with your changing shape.

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