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Defy Gravity and Prevent Sagging Breasts

Breast feeding, age, weight loss, and physical activity are all contributing factors to that annoying phenomenon known as sagging.  There are schools of thought that believe going braless actually prevents sagging as the ligaments need to grasp onto the breast tissue, but this is contradicted by studies suggesting that bras prevent sagging. In fact, studies show that women who jog are likely to experience more sagging if they are not wearing the proper sports bra.

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Practicing good posture is a must, with your shoulders back, head high, and chest out. This simple change from slouching instantly makes you look better, as an arched back lowers your chest to the ground.

Although the breast is mostly comprised of fatty tissue, strengthening the pectoral muscles gives a firmer grasp on the breast tissue. A few push ups every day can help firm up breasts, but will not increase bust size. Chest presses with dumbbells also work and you can do these exercises in your home.

Sometimes, changes in lifestyle will not help you achieve firmer breasts, thanks to genes. In order to have firmer breasts, many women opt for a mastopexy, which is also known as a breast lift. This procedure involves the removal of excess skin and won't change bust size, but sometimes the areola may have to be placed at a higher location on the breast. This is a costly option for achieving firm breasts, and the risks and complications do not seem worth the trouble: uneven or misshapen breasts, loss of nipple sensation which may be temporary or permanent, or recurrent sagging which may require surgery. There have been many advances in technology made in procedures involving breasts which have reduced hospital stays and recovery time, but all surgeries still carry risks.

Padding may be used in a bra to create fuller and stiffer cleavage that deters the harsh effects of sagging. A bra that gives you a well rounded shape also shapes your confidence. FinallyBra's lovely and firm bras that are anything but frumpy provide push in support and also give your cleavage a natural contour. They lift and separate for a more flawless look, as well as preventing back and side bulges and holding everything in place. FinallyBra moves well with the body and doesn't tug or pinch. It does not pull and the soft  fabric in the underwired cups assures a weightless feel that will lead you to believe that you are not wearing a bra at all.

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Bras that provide great support are important because the wrong support, or worse, no support at all can mean back problems and ill fitting clothing. Sure. As we see with female joggers, bad support affects petite women’s more buxom counterparts. A bra with padded support helps to enhance their confidence in their overall silhouette. Back straps that ride up your back equal no support, and will add too much strain on your back. Be sure that your bra does not slide or slip. Women who are more voluptuous should not have to suffer with tight bras that leave dents. A quality bra with great support truly enhances a woman’s overall appearance. The right bra with the right support can help you conquer you issue with sagging breasts.


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