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Dancing Requires Specific Bra Types

Dancing is fun.  It is also a healthy activity because your body moves while you dance. It is like a physical exercise.  If you are a dancer who performs on stage or any place and leaps, bounces and twirls around a lot,  the movement could be difficult and painful if you have breasts that are larger than normal. You may wonder if there is a bra that will support your breasts while dancing.  Oh, yes, there is. There are bra types that you can pick to support you while dancing, but the bra type should depend on the dancing outfit that you wear and the dance style that you do.

For example, if you are wearing a dance outfit with low cut neck, a great option is the demi sports bra.  It will not show and stay hidden beneath your outer dress even if you do aggressive dance moves.  You are also allowed to let more of your chest skin and cleavage show, because the cups are only half the size of regular bras.

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When you do ballroom, hip hop, freestyle, break dancing or other types of dancing,  a sports bra can also help.  It will provide you support and comfort by minimizing bounces of your breasts.  If you do not support your breasts with a good sport bra while dancing, you  may experience strain and tension on your upper back and neck.  Sport bras are also recommended when you do aerobic exercises.  While it is not a type dance technically, you are adapting similar dance moves.  You need support here. As you do a lot of jumping and body movements, sports bras can minimize the pain on your breasts.

The bra that you wear when you do belly dancing is part of your dancing apparel. Usually, you wear a push up bra with funky design on the outside to increase your sensuality while you dance.  A push up bra will also provide the needed support.  Today, you can find a push up sport bra in the market easily.

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For other dancing styles, it is usually the sports bra that you will need.  Choose one that fits you very well.  Know what size and fit are very important in providing you firm support while you dance.  So it is important that you know exactly your bra size.  The tank style or compression bra is an ideal option because they will work with you well on the stage, offering the best in bounce control.

When it comes to the bra material, we recommend moisture wicking fabric like lycra mesh, polyester or nylon that can keep your body dry, as you may develop skin conditions like acne if you have prolonged exposure to sweat. Select also a bras with ventilated padding, as it allows more air to pass the breasts. Ventilated padding have perforations on the bra cups.

FinallyBra offers a good choice for your dance need as it provides perfect support for bounce control.

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