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What Is a Comfortable Bra to Wear for a Lot of Walking

Here is another question from a consumer who is not comfortable with her bras when she walks.  Happy to share our thoughts.

Question (Paulette of MA) Hello, walking is my form of exercise, and I always do it in the morning.  My problem is that my breasts are not properly supported by the bras which I am currently using.  They become painful when they bounce with my motion. Please, I want to be comfortable in doing a lot of walking.  I don’t want to stop my exercising just because of uncomfortable bra. Surely there’s a way, no?

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Our Answer:  

While walking or running, all women want to feel comfortable with the kind of bra that they are wearing.  But many still experience discomfort because of some issues - bra straps that slip, chafing, and lacking in support.  However, this is not a hopeless situation.  Choosing the right bra style is the key to comfortable walking.

When you do a lot of walking, you need a well constructed sports bra   A sports bra offers enough support even when you are on the trail. It also provides controlled motion of the breasts.  Since bouncing is a major problem of large breasted women who walk, a sports bra will be a good choice as it prevents bounce, and it will not squish you tourniquet-like.  You may find breathing difficult and exercising impossible if you wear just a regular bra. A sports bra will prevent chafing which results from sweat and motion.  This bra style reduces rubbing.  Some variants of sports bras have seams on the outside, while others have seamless fabrics, covered seams, or seams with rolled edges to prevent getting sore or annoyed by rubbing.

A sports bra offers versatility; you can wear it as your single top.  You can also wear a shirt over it and take the shirt off when you feel hot.  Most sports bras do not appear as undergarments, because they are available in different patterns and colors, allowing you to wear them in public.  Before you buy this type of sports bra, inquire if the bra fabric is opaque when it gets wet, or the pattern will hide your nipples enough.  This is for your own modesty. A good sports bra can control moisture. Fabrics such as Coolmax and Drifit are moisture wicking fabrics. A sports bra also stays hooked; a regular bra can be unhooked by motion, especially when you carry a backpack.  Racer-back sports bras are an ideal solution to this issue, you just need to slip it on over your head.

While it is often said that whichever type of bra you choose depends on your own personal decision, you have a problem if your cups are large and you want to walk as an exercise. A good sports bra will support your chest and control motion when you walk or jog without being too constrictive.  There is no need for you to give up walking just because of movement control problem.

If you have undergone mastectomy, and would like to have prosthesis to provide balance, a sports bra can accommodate the prosthesis.

There is a second solution for your problem, which is wearing our bras. FinallyBra is well designed that it encapsulates the breast in every direction to give the needed support and prevent bounce horizontally and vertically just like a sports bra, if not better. Additionally, FinallyBra pushes up and pushes in the breast tissue and avoid the uniboob appearance. What is more, you can dress up and dress down with FinallyBra without the hassle of changing your bra. How convenient and time-efficient it could be if you take a lunch walk during a regular work day without changing the bra? 

Overall, what’s important for your comfort is wearing the right bra. If you have large breasts, you certainly need lots of support when walking, so pick the bra with wide straps, firm support and super lift.

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