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Cleavage Enhancement With the Push In Push Up Bra

FinallyBra's push in push up bras provide the right kind of enhancement for formal settings where you want to shine in that special dress or low cut top. These are quality bras that add confidence without sacrificing comfort. For those of you who are small chested, the enhanced cleavage lets you flaunt your coquettish side with a sassy and sexy outfit perfect for the nightclub or bar hopping. For those of you who already have fantastic curves, FinallyBra helps give you the support and control you need for a firmer look. Now, you can avoid unwanted bulk. No matter what your body type, FinallyBra ensures a smooth and natural shape that is not over the top.

Cleavage Enhancement with Push In Push Up Bra | FinallyBra

FinallyBra has a unique design to create a fuller silhouette with scientifically designed cups that push the cleavage up and inward to enhance your curves.  If you feel you need to go the extra mile with your look, some styles give you the option of inserting your own padding and provide more lift. The wide set straps and open neckline featured in most styles push your cleavage forward ensuring that you will stand out and that your new and distinctive silhouette will be hard to miss. The push in prevents your arms from hitting your chest and an unnatural gap from forming in the front.  The wide back prevents bulging and smooths your shape, so you will be flawless the whole time. We believes pure cotton and molds most inner cups with 100% soft cotton to promote a better blood circulation, so you can rest assured that you are sophisticated yet comfortable no matter how daring your attire. Aside from its functional form and soft fabric, some push in push up bras by FinallyBra are adorned with lace at the bottom of the cups and front panel for added elegance. Most bras come with removable straps so you can give yourself fantastic curves and a great shape no matter which style of neckline you choose. You can wear a strapless top without worrying not being able to wear your favorite bra that enhances your shape.

We use premium quality of fabric and material and have strict quality controls in the factory, so we hope you don't experience the troublesome pinching, skin poking and underwires sticking out happened to most other brands of bras.


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