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Can You Fully Rely On a Bra Fitter?

Bra fitters help women get fitted for the right bras as finding the right bra is by no means easy, although there are so many brands and products on the market to choose from. The work the bra fitters do is fantastic and it is recommended that every women should have her breasts measured as frequently as possible.

However, FinallyBra alerts everyone: not every bra fitter is qualified. If they do a bad job, you will suffer lots of discomfort with the belief that your body is the criminal. We followed multiple lingerie stores, including national known brands, finding that a lot of stores have part-time or seasonal temporary workers, who might not get trained enough before putting a tape around the neck and act like they are the pros for your body.

So the results is that we have lots of customers complaining that they are confused with the true size for their bodies, and some others blame the confusion to inconsistency of bra sizing.

So here is the solution. Women, we can't fully rely on other people to judge our bodies. Go find any resource you can find to know yourself, your breasts, your back, your shoulder, and everything about yourself. The resources are bountiful online and you can easily Google "Bra Fitting" to get basic introduction. You can also refer to FinallyBra Sizing Guide for a clean and clear description.

bra fitter | FinallyBra

It is not a rocky science, we promise. But by mastering this skill, you earn life time benefits. Knowing your own body, you know what functions the bra needs to provide, what style fits you, and how to dress yourself the best. 

We want you feel and look the best. While you are searching your own perfect bra, we are here to help you. And don't forget about FinallyBra! They are truly that great and you gotta try.


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