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Britney Spears Walked Out Bra Free

New single mom Britney Spears just made a statement last Saturday when stepped out for lunch in LA BRA-FREE. Britney paired her floaty halterneck dress with a pair of chunky ankle boots and looked fresh-faced and upbeat. However, just one problem: the rosy dress was not secure enough and exposed a generous view of her side boobs.

Just ended a one-year engagement with ex-fiancé, Jason Trawick, last week and confirmed departure from the X Factor talent show the same day, Britney seemed to deliberately display a bare ring finger along with a bra free breasts. But the top began to move inward causing the side, if not all, of the boob without coverage. Britney realized the wardrobe malfunction immediately and pulled the grey scarf in place to avoid further embarrassment.

FinallyBra thinks that bra-less is not a safe choice for mid to large breasts women. First, boobs without lift function provided by a bra sag, presenting a direct unpleasant appearance; second, boobs, naturally side-forwarded like Britney Spears’, without push up and push in function provided by a bra, easily spill out of the outfit; last but not the least, boobs without support provided by a bra bounce vehemently when body moves, hurting the ligaments attaching the breast tissue to the chest and exacerbating the droop process.

bra free | FinallyBra

So wearing a bra, a quality and supportive one, can be beneficial for both women’s appearance and health. 

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