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Breast Anatomy

FinallyBra believes that educated customers can be better shoppers and dressers of themselves. So the first step of buying properly fitting bras, to avoid bra fitting issues at the root, is knowing our breasts, inside out.

The principle unit in our breasts is mammary gland, whose main duty is to produce breast milk to feed infant during breast-feeding stage. The ductile drains the milk from the gland and transports it to a bigger tube called duct. Eventually, all the ducts converge and open on to the surface of nipple, which is surrounded by darker skin called Areola. Additionally, the breast is also composed of fat, connective tissue (collagen, elastin) and supporting ligament. Specifically, the skin and supporting tissues help to attach our breasts to the muscles of the chest wall underneath our breasts. Please refer here for a breast anatomy picture, if you would like a more professional concept. 

Overall, you can see that our breasts are an external organ and do not contain bone or muscle. As such, comparing to other organs, our breasts are more subject to gravity.

With a thorough understanding of our breasts, we can better diagnosis ourselves such as routine self-exam and protect our breasts from external forces. No matter how busy we get, never skip a couple minutes each day to observe our breasts and body. This pays back in the long run.

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  • This is a very good article, has given me a lot of things about my body


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