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Bras Are a False Necessity, So Go Braless?

Since we started to grow breasts, we have been taught to wear good fitting bras, which help breasts defy the force of gravity and make them aesthetically appealing. Now, a French professor, Jean-Denis Rouillon, is claiming otherwise.  He said in a radio program that he has studied the breasts of 330 young women since 15 years ago. Each of the women subjects was told to go braless for different time lengths, from a few months to a number of years. During this test period, Prof. Rouillon, using a slide rule and caliper, took measurements of the breasts.  So, what is the primary finding?

Prof. Rouillon announced that the breasts achieved perkiness by 7 percent if they are not supported by a bra.  He further concluded that a bra is a false necessity, and medically, physiologically, and anatomically, bras do not benefit the breasts by defying the force of gravity.

Really?  Does the professor refer that bras do more harm to a woman’s body than good? 

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We are not convinced.

First off, when the professor’s finding was met with jokes not only from the French media, but beyond, he tried to subtly retract his comments by saying that his study was only preliminary and that his subjects were only a small number of younger women and did not include the adults and the mothers.

Second, it’s astonishing that the study took him 15 years to complete and yet it is only “preliminary”.

Third, if you are a woman with cup that’s above a B size, to wear or not to wear a bra is not even an issue. Have you tried running for a bus without a bra?  Can’t you say that it is important to have even a bit of support for your twins? 

Fourth, women’s breasts move 33% when walking, compared to just standing along the road.  So even if you have strong pectorals, your body will find it hard to deal with the movements of unsupported breasts.

Fifth, if you do not wear a bra to support your breasts, the front body muscles will be under pressure.  This can lead to neck and spine problems and rounded shoulders.

Sixth, besides the support, bras provide a smooth silhouette under any outfit and, with a little padding, can boost your confidence. 

Prof. Rouillon is certainly not the first person to suggest the barmy bra idea: bras cannot give a woman any benefit, so it is not necessary.  In fact, some people believe that bras are to blame for difficulty in breathing and breast cancers, and there will be a small number of women who will clap their hands at this finding, including the famous TV and movie star, Miley Cyrus. 

So, will you get rid of your bra?  The professor himself says no.  (we are really confused at his statements).  However, one thing we are convinced of is that ditching your bra may, for the meantime, make you feel better, but, in the long run, will certainly not make you look better. There you have it, girls.

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