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Bras and Breasts Development

Remember those old days when we were amazed with the changes our body went through each day? We were shy, afraid of classmates’ eyes, and tried to hide the changes by any means. I remember my breasts started to sprout when I was about 11 years old. They turned bigger and bigger each day, challenging the flatly-designed shirt as if telling everybody “hey, look at me, I am blossom!” The worse thing was that they hurt a lot, especially when I climbed or went down the stairs. Despite the development, I refused to wear a bra, because none of my girl friends had had one then.

That somehow has become one of my biggest regrets!

Once a woman reaches puberty, her ovaries start to produce high level of female hormones: estrogen and progesterone. The change of the hormone level regulates the breasts to sprout by stimulating the development and growth of the mammary gland, fat and connective tissue. As such, it could be normal that the breasts sour when the body undergoes movements.

Bras and Breasts Development | Finallybra

The thing that is not OK is - not to wear a bra in time when the size and volume of the breasts develop to the stage needing more support. Not only looking awkward, a girl having sprout breasts without a properly fitted bra is risking having her supporting ligament broken, and accelerating the natural drooping process breasts undergo. Besides providing the support for the breasts to stay full, a well fitted bra can help to regulate the growth of body fat, resulting in better shaped breasts for the later stage. I often hope that I had started my first bra earlier, so my breasts today would be more centered.

So now I would offer an advice to any mom: keep a keen eye on your girls. If they are reaching a breast development stage, do take them to a bra professional and pick a couple good ones for them. Lacking any guidance, the girls will turn to their friends who themselves are still exploring the changes. At this stage, comfort and support are the most import features for a bra. If you need the bra fitting guidance, please see our guidance for sizing and fitting.

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