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Bra Fitting Tips That You Never Knew…Until Now

It is often said that only 10% of women wear the right size bra. So if your underwire seems to punch your sides and the bra straps are constantly falling off from your shoulders, it is not the fault of your body. It means that you are among the 90% who are wearing the wrong size bra. 

There are things about bras that you’d wish you have known earlier, and they are listed below.

1.  Do you know that bra cup sizes are relative to the sizes of the bands? Yes, it’s true.  When you change your band size into a smaller one, the cup size should be larger.  Simply put, reducing your band by one size means that you should increase your cup by one size. Do you also know that there is a sister size?  These are bra sizes that have the same mass volume.  If your bra is a 34C, then a 32D or a 36B may also fit you. You can find FinallyBra's sister size chart here which you can refer to, so you won’t be using bras with too small cup sizes and too large band sizes.

2.  If you keep adjusting when you put a bra on, try the “scoop and swoop” method.  It goes like this:  put on your bra and bend at the waist.  While in the bending position, scoop and adjust and put everything in place. Then stand up straight and get surprised at your new form acreage.  The method is effective, try it.

3.  There are two kinds of breast shapes:  (1) full-on-the-top, and (2) full-on-the-bottom.  If your breasts fall into #2, there might be a gape at the top of the cups and you might think that the cup size is bigger than it should.  This shouldn’t be the case, because there are bras that are designed purposefully to fit either the #1 or #2 shape, or both.

4.  Ill fitting bra can smash your breast tissue upward, leading to a lot of back folds and armpit flabs (armpit fat). The remedy to this is a rightly fitting bra which can reduce or totally eliminate these problems.

Bra Fitting | FinallyBra

5.  Most women’s bras are found to be too large on the band size and too small on the cup size.  Take a self- measurement, three times if possible.  You can do it manually using a tape measure or a bra calculator.  If you do both things right, you will get the same results, and you can proceed to buy the bra according to the size given to you.

6.  Make sure that the bra fits right by making sure that they are snug, and you can insert your two fingers under the band. One other thing about buying a bra is that it should fit on the last hook, although maybe this is nothing new to you. With the bra fitting at the last hook, you will be provided with enough room when it gets stretched.

With the above information, now you are ready to measure yourself up and purchase the best fitting bra.

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