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Bigger Bra Cup Sizes May Fit Better…Sometimes

You won’t believe it, but a great majority of women all over the world wear bras that are incorrectly sized.  Many are using bras with back sizes that are too big and cup sizes that are too small. The most popular bra size bought by women is a 36C, but actually, those who are wearing this size should wear instead a 34D or a 30E, which may fit better on them.

The sizes of bras are expressed in numbers and letter(s).  The number represents the band or back size, while the letter(s) represent the cup size. A fact which is not yet known to all women is that the cup sizes are proportionate to the band sizes. Women often think that an A cup is very small, and a DD is very big, but this should not to be the case.  The letter, say an A or a DD is the difference in measurement between your busts and back. For example, if your bra is a 32D it is also the same cup volume as a 34C or 36B ( as the number, band size, becomes smaller, the letter,cup size, increases).

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If you are a curvy woman, you may still need to wear a small band size, as the band size is the size of only your rib cage and excludes the other parts of your body which remain curvy.  Further, gaining or losing even only a few pounds will have an effect on your bra size, although many women do not consider this despite re-sizing other clothing.

Women’s bra sizes are available today on a wider range, making it more confusing to determine your exact size. Sometimes you get tempted to stick to the familiar, or you wear a certain size for so long you fail to notice that it does not fit well anymore.  Because you think that is only normal, the discomforts are not realized.

The increasing awareness of women about wearing an undergarment that fits properly prompts women to look for bra sizes that are bigger than A to D cups.  This is a sign that women of today start to correct the mistake of wearing a wrongly sized bra. We all saw it during the past years, when a woman had to make do with a B, C or D cup.  Some go simply without it.  Today, more bra sizes are being made available online or in boutiques, so more options are there for them to purchase the right size.

The common advice is for women to get themselves fitted by professional fitter at reputable shops or specialty lingerie store.  FinallyBra has its Bra Sizing Guide to help you get measured yourself.  Wearing the right size bra will not only boost your self confidence, but can also prevent the physical problems associated with the wrong size bra.  You won’t have the headache, neck pains, back and shoulder pains, poor posture, and the strap red markings on your shoulders. Instead, you will be comfortable moving about and wearing your bra the whole day at work or play.

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